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Dedicated to Discovery, Committed to Care

Antria is a site management organization dedicated to discovery and committed to care. Our goal is to ensure a successful and expeditious pathway to commercialization of medical treatments by providing operational, regulatory and other centralized research support services with access to a broad patient base.


We are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive and scalable suite of services to develop therapeutic drugs and devices with cost-efficient predictability as Antria also works in a Sponsor capacity in the regenerative medicine market for Autologous Adult Stem Cell Research. We have the expertise to conduct and support all clinical study phases, including Phase 4 research studies.

At Antria, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life by advancing science through cutting-edge treatments and transforming health care through clinical research.

Antria’s broad network of physicians who serve as our Principal Investigators along with our dedicated team of study coordinators offers sponsors consistent performance and research excellence through strict adherence to ICH-GCP Guidelines, eligibility criteria, and FDA regulations.